Psychological Services for Children & Adults

Janet Panter, Ph.D.

Helping you do & be your best.


Children want to do well in school. And as parents we want them to succeed. Sometimes there are obstacles, though. We need to identify those obstacles & remove them so children can be successful. LEARN MORE


Dealing with behavioral issues can be tough. You've tried everything, but things haven't improved much. Wherever you go, people offer advice - more discipline, less discipline, dietary changes, no video games. And yet.... LEARN MORE


Remember the teen years? College life? While these are exhilarating & exciting times, sometimes there are challenges to face and struggles to overcome.  LEARN MORE


Dr. Panter's practice is a positive environment for change and improvement. Engaging counseling and psychological services isn't about being weak or sick, it is about maximizing everything you have to be your best. And that is how we approach it here. Dr. Panter's depth of educational and clinical experience has shown her that with the right environment, focused on positive advancement, all of us can benefit from identifying strengths and weaknesses. Then, most importantly, we acquire the skills to maximize the strengths and turn the weaknesses into yesterday's issues. We are here for one thing, helping you do and be your best. Let's talk.

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