Psychological Services for Children & Adults

Janet Panter, Ph.D.

Helping you do & be your best.


Dr. Panter offers a full range of psychological services:

·  Psychoeducational assessment (testing)

·  Therapy

·  Behavioral management


·  Educational services

She specializes in the diagnosis & treatment of a full range of disorders, including:

·  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

·  Autism Spectrum Disorders

·  Specific Learning Disabilities

·  Anxiety Disorders



Testing or Assessment?

Testing is an objective measure of some type of behavior - problem-solving, reading, attention span. Testing is important, but its scope is limited. So Dr. Panter conducts assessments. Assessment is more complex and is designed to answer questions (e.g., Why can't I learn algebra?) by gathering information from a variety of sources and using a range of methods. Testing is critical to the assessment process, but it is only one piece of the puzzle.


The assessment process does not end after the testing is done. Rather, Dr. Panter will work with you to understand a diagnosis, to access resources and services, to develop an intervention plan, and to consult with schools and colleges. Dr. Panter begins with testing, but goes well beyond to support you throughout the evaluation process.


Behavior Management

One of the most critical steps to success when helping children with behavioral and educational issues is a consistent style of engagement designed to address the overall success of the child. Dr. Panter is glad to work with parents and teachers to build consensus and to ensure parents and teachers present a united front, using behavioral management techniques that are straightforward, effective, and meaningful.



Dr. Panter provides therapy to individuals of all ages, from children to adults. When she counsels children and teens, she also works closely with parents to make sure they have the support they need for the changes they and their children are making.


Educational Services

Dr. Panter works with students, parents, and educators to solve learning problems. Psychoeducational assessment is the first step in dealing with learning challenges. Once the problem is diagnosed, students need help knowing what to do next. Dr. Panter will work with you to develop effective learning strategies and to consult with the faculty and staff at your school or college to identify appropriate accommodations for you.


Questions? Contact Dr. Panter to discuss your specific needs & concerns.

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